Current Address:


(۹۸) ۲۱۸۸۸۹۸۴۴۰-۲




2002-2005 Army University of Medical Science

·         Medical Specialty, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,


۱۹۹۳-۲۰۰۱ Tehran University of Medical Sciences

·         Doctor of Medicine

Professional Experience

2001-2003 Worked as a General Physician

2005-2011 worked as a physiatrist in Imam khomeini hospital

2005-2009 worked as a physiatrist in valiasr hospital

2005- 2010 Tabassom Stroke Rehabilitation Center

2009-present  musculoskeletal and physiotherapy Dibaji clinic & has worked in it up to now

2010-present Comprehensive Omid Rehabilitation Clinic & has worked  in it up to now

executive manager of omid clinic 2010-up to now


Research Experience


Editorial Boards

Editor, Mir Medical Journal (1999-2003)

Editor, Samat Medical Journal (2003-2005)

Clinic Establishment

2005 Tabassom Stroke Rehabilitation Center

2009  Musculoskeletal and Physiotherapy Dibaji Clinic

2010 Comprehensive Omid Rehabilitation Clinic


2006-present Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Group of Brain & Spinal Cord Research Center

2011-peresent Biomechanical Group of Brain & Spinal Cord Research Center


Musculoskeletal Pain, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Biomechanical Assesment, Technical Orthopedia (Orthosis & Prosthesis)


 acceptance of 3 article in international congress of zurich 2011

Multiple arctic & lectures in iranian congresses 


Honors and Awards


Personal Data

Born:28 jun 1976





آدرس کلینیک دیباجی:

تهران،خیابان پاسداران، خیابان شهید کلاهدوز (دولت)، دیباجی جنوبی، روبروی سنجابی، پلاک 17

مشاوره رایگان از طریق تلگرام 09107803155

آدرس کلینیک مطهری:

آدرس کلینیک مطهری:
تهران، خیابان ولیعصر، نرسیده به استاد مطهری، کوچه شهید حسینی راد « کوچه افتخار سابق»،پلاک 34، طبقه همکف

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